A Progressive, Inclusive, Jewish Community

Who We Are

KESHER is the community for Reform Jews at NYU, including undergrads, grads, alumni, and young professionals.  We aim to build a Jewish community that is an open and dynamic place for Jews of all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs.  We serve Reform Jews on campus by offering weekly Friday night Shabbat services, Shabbat dinners, and many other events, ranging from social to educational. We also offer many events on the national level, including free trips to Israel, Alternative Spring Breaks, and Kallot for Reform Jews from campuses across North America. 

We  as a club strive to fill the following goals:
1. Am Yisrael: Building and enhancing the community of KESHER at NYU.  This includes purely social programming, celebrating the holidays together, lectures, and all other types of programming.  We aim to create a space where everyone is welcome and included. 

2. Leadership Opportunities and Leader Empowerment: Providing members of KESHER at NYU with the ability to take a leadership role within KESHER, whatever that role may be.  Students are the core of our group, and students are the true voice of KESHER at NYU. 

3. Jewish literacy: Providing members with the opportunity to explore their Jewish identity through Reform oriented Religious and Cultural Programming.  This applies to people who were raised within the Reform movement as well as people who are interested in joining our community and learning something new about Judaism.

4. Tikkun Olam: Creating programs that relate to Social Action and Social Justice.  This includes learning about important current events related to social action, as well as participating in hands on tikkun olam projects as a community.

5. Medinat Yisrael:  Developing Programs related to Reform Zionism (a Reform-influenced, religious, pluralistic vision for the state of Israel).  Exploring the history of Israel together as well as learning about current events in Israel. 


FIND US at 7 East 10th St. (see map)